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Coffee Blog

So this is probably the main reason we decided to travel – coffee. Our collection of coffee articles give you, our most precious cargo on our travels, an inside look at the best cafes from all over the world as well as any interesting tidbits about coffee we have learnt along the way. We find it pretty interesting – we hope you feel the same way.

5 Super Cool Cafes in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, or more fondly known as “KL ” – is a pretty impressive city. From the snazzy Petronas Towers to the simplicity of the (absolutely incredible) street food, KL is definitely a vibrant city and the longer we stayed there the more we fell in love. Visiting more than once, we were able to […]

5 Incredible Coffee Spots in Amsterdam

So, as we sat on our laptops, planning our cafe hopping schedule, Google Maps bombarded us with specialty coffee cafes across Amsterdam. We quickly realised that with cafes popping up like groundhogs all over town, the coffee culture is fast becoming a sort of tourist attraction. The coffee scene is phenomenal, and much bigger than […]

The Best Cafe in Leiden

Aaah, Leiden. The birthplace of Rembrandt. The city if discoveries. The place with the oldest university in the Netherlands. That’s all interesting but is there any good coffee here? Well, of course, it is the Netherlands after all. For us, however, 1 cafe stood out above the rest. If you have read any of our […]

3 Amazing Cafes in The Hague

We have now been to the Netherlands on three separate occasions and what we have realised is that the coffee culture here is big – actually bigger than big…huge. Pretty much each area throughout the Netherlands has at least one specialty cafe and/or roastery. The love for coffee is incredible there and the understanding of […]

3 Great Cafes in Lisbon

Lisbon, or as the Portuguese say, Lisboa! The home of fado (a Portuguese music genre that will melt your ears – in a good way), pasteis de nata (the most amazing custard tart) and trams – so many trams (even though they borrowed the idea from the Americans – at least they credited them by […]

Our Favourite 3 Cafes in Porto

We made it to Porto…finally – after many hours on a fairly uncomfortable bus ride from The Algarve we arrived in the land of port wine, Francesinha (a very popular five layer sandwich) and, hopefully, delicious coffee. We were so excited to explore this stunning city, high and low, in search of at least one […]