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The Best Cafe in Leiden

Aaah, Leiden. The birthplace of Rembrandt. The city if discoveries. The place with the oldest university in the Netherlands. That’s all interesting but is there any good coffee here? Well, of course, it is the Netherlands after all. For us, however, 1 cafe stood out above the rest. If you have read any of our other blog posts you will know that we visited the Netherlands 3 times in one year and on each of the those occasions we have gone out of our way to stop in at our favourite cafe in Leiden (if not the Netherlands) – Chummy Coffee.

Chummy Coffee

We found Chummy Coffee on a day when we were exploring the small little university town of Leiden. We arrived at the doors of this cute coffee shop with no expectations. We hadn’t read anything about it and no one had told us anything about it either. But, from the moment we walked in, we were greeted with open arms and endless amounts of generosity. There is nothing better than walking into a cafe and being treated like family. We were offered cake. We were told about the different coffees they had in stock. We were showed the best ways to enjoy that coffee but still offered options. From that moment we knew we would return over and over again.

Chummy Coffee

They stock Caffenation coffee, sell merchandise and make the most delicious cakes and pastries. But, what makes this cafe so amazing is how welcome they make you feel! The owner and the bartistas are so, so incredible that they are the biggest reason to return. The cafe has free wifi, mouthwatering coffee and is small but very comfortable and everything you want in a cafe. We absolutely love this cafe.

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