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Leaving home

Yup, we have finally left South Africa. Our home. The place where we forged friendships, relationships, hardships and whatever other ‘ships’ you can think of. South Africa is where we grew up, where we went to school, where we caused trouble, where we got out of trouble, where our families are and where we met and planned this insane idea of roaming the earth together.

It took us a few days to get all our things together. Clothes, toiletries, accessories and the essentials – laptops and camera equipment. We’d pack and then unpack. We’d fold and then roll. We’d move things from this bag to that bag and back again in order to find the best way to fit our lives into two backpacks. Eventually, and after two or three espressos, everything was packed and we were ready to go.

To be honest, packing was the easy part, saying goodbye to everything we know and love was the hard part. We will miss our families and friends dearly, but, in the back of our minds we know that we will see them again soon!

Passports – Check! Tickets – Check! Luggage – Check! An exciting, yet nervous feeling in the pit of our tummies that we are off to explore the planet while finding coffee spots for digital nomads alike to work from – Check! So, we said, ‘Adios’, picked up our luggage and boarded the plane to our first destination – Portugal.

We boarded the plane with enthusiasm and anticipation. We took our seats while the excitement churned in our bellies. And then…we waited. With all the eagerness to go we boarded very early, too early. So while we sat and watched all the other passengers find their seats, we were squirming in ours unable to get comfortable. We spent over an hour in our seats until eventually the plane was ready to take us into the sky towards our destination.

We are in Portugal now, wandering the streets of Lisbon in search of the best coffee shops to work from. The streets of Lisbon are beautiful. Amazing cobbled streets where hundreds of tourists are bustling in and out of restaurants and bars. Incredible buildings with so much history to them you can see the culture oozing from the cracks. The weather is stunning, the people are great and the coffee is just perfect. Sounds like a dream, right?

Well, so far, it has been and soon we will be sharing more and more posts and coffee shops from Lisbon with you.

Can’t wait!

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