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Alcoholic Mazagran with Mint

We had our first Mazagran while in Lisbon in August 2017, and our lives were changed forever. This cool, sweet drink is one of the most refreshing coffee recipes we know of and, without a doubt, our favourite type of iced coffee.

We decided to make this recipe while we were still in Mallorca on our little finca, as not only were there oranges, but many lemons growing around us too. (see our Orange Iced Coffee recipe that was also created by us on this island).

While many have the misconception that a Mazagran originated in Portugal, it is actually from Algeria. Legend has it that French troops were stationed there in the 1830’s and to combat the heat of northern Africa, they added cold water to coffee syrup instead of drinking hot coffee. In later years, the soldiers would return to France and bring the recipe along with them. So, even though we had our first ever Mazagran one year ago, it was already nearly 200 years old.

Again, we did a few experiments and decided that this way of making a Mazagran was our favourite…


Step 1

Coursley grind your coffee beans of choice (we used a Guatamalan origin bag of beans from Mistral Coffee, the only speciality roaster in Palma de Mallorca, Spain). It’s always better to have your coffee freshly ground for the best flavours, and to ensure less staleness.

Alcoholic Mazagran

With this recipe, we found the a French Press makes the best tasting Mazagran. We experimented with espresso and pour-over but in the end this method brought out the flavours we were looking for.

We also used the 1:12 coffee:water ratio when making this recipe. So, 20g coffee to 250ml water to make two glasses.

Alcoholic Mazagran


Step 2

Once we had plunged our coffee we dropped a sprig of mint in with the coffee and let it steep, until the coffee has cooled.

Alcoholic Mazagran


Step 3

Add 2 tablespoons of sugar, this will counteract the sourness of the lemon juice, and is an essential part of this drink.

Alcoholic Mazagran

Finally we get to the ‘putting it all together’ part of the recipe.


Step 4

In 2x tall/highball glasses, add some ice cubes and half the rum to each.

Alcoholic Mazagran


Step 5

Add 50ml lemon juice into each glass.

Alcoholic Mazagran

Alcoholic Mazagran


Step 6

And, finally, top up the cooled coffee into each glass. Garnish with small sprigs of mint and slices of lemon.

Viola, an effortless and mouthwatering Mazagran.

If you have tried and enjoyed this recipe, let us know in the comments below.


Makes 2x Glasses

20g Light to Medium Roasted Coffee Beans

250ml Purified Water, Boiled

2TBS Sugar (or amount of sweetener of choice)

30ml Dark Rum

100ml Fresh Lemon Juice

Large Mint Sprig, plus extra for garnishing

Ice Cubes

Lemon slices,  for garnishing

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